Sales Tax Worked Example

All our sales are made free of any tax. You will have to pay sales taxes and duty in your country on any purchases made on our site. Our goods are priced accordingly and reduced compared to our U.K. pricing to account for this. 

Please see below a worked example:-

Amount paid for goods on EGN Site = €20
Shipping = €7.50
Amount paid to EGN at Point of Sale = €27.50

You will receive a notification from our shippers once they receive your package to pay taxes and duty applicable to your order in accordance with the rates in your country.

As an example on the purchase above:-

Irish Sales Tax = 23%
Customs duty = 2.7%

Sales Tax to pay = €6.33
Customs duty to pay = €0.74
Shipping facilitation fee = An admin fee charged by the shipper that varies based on weight and location

Total item cost €34.62 + shipping facilitation fee.